Generation one


Ovena Labs is a one of one art gallery featuring 150 hyper-realistic animated story tokens. Each piece is created with a combination of handcrafted artwork, generative artificial intelligence, and blockchain development.

Exclusive Tools

Access an entire suite of utilities, only available to holders of an Ovena Lab.


Connect to the Holder Dashboard and watch your $OVENA balance grow; utilize coins within the Ovena Economy. Claim airdrops once a day.

Holder Dashboard


View your wallets Ovena collection. The bigger your inventory, the more royalties earned.

Always building

The Ovena team is driven to expand the functionality & tools within our dashboard.

Our Foundation

Inspired to express growth in an innovative fashion. Continuing to push the limits of human interpretation by meticulously creating a dialogue with machine-learning artificial intelligence. Truly delivering never before seen masterpieces while leaving an impactful, interpretive message.

Ovena White Logo

All Access Pass

Owning an NFT from the Ovena Collection grants the holder an all access pass to a suite of benefits and rewards. 

Copyright Access

Full commercial rights are granted to the consumer of the NFT artwork. 

ovena DAO

Suggest and vote on how our community expands its role within the metaverse. 

$ovena Token

Generate passive-yield by holding Ovena NFTs. No stake required, able to claim any time.


Holding artwork will serve as your ticket into both virtual and public art exhibits.

Early Access

Owners will get instant whitelist to any future generation mints.


Projection on how our project will continue to drive value to the holders and members within the community.


Continue the story your NFT depicts by adding another segment of randomly generated content to your Ovena NFT. $OVENA will be used to execute any evolution. This process will subsequently add to the Ovena Lab supply by minting another NFT taking reference from the original token. All generation one pieces start from nothing but a blank canvas and intelligent human dialogue. This applies to the Ovena Labs.


All 150 Ovena Labs yield a token called $OVENA. Holders are able to claim a daily airdrop which is available exclusively on the “Lab” page within the dashboard. This yield will fluctuate as our community matures and utilities are deployed that allow the expense of $OVENA token. Compounding yield is enabled after your first claim. The value of $OVENA is 1:1 and is the main currency for our expanding ecosystem.

Upscale + Smooth

Owning a piece from any Ovena collection grants access to exclusive holder tools. Ovena UPSCALE will allow any Ovena Lab to be resized to your desired dimension. You could throw the NFT on a billboard. Ovena SMOOTH will apply a slow motion filter across your Labs and create an alternative style. Both allow the holder additional creative freedom in the art style of their piece. This applies to all future collections. 

Ovena Labs | Generation One

Learn about

Ovena Labs Animated Preview

Each trait from the Ovena Labs collection is randomly generated by a predetermined list of setting, subject and animation lengths. While each piece will be unique in design, they will share similarities to follow uniform.

Only 150 Ovena Labs Available for Mint.

  • Three Animation Lengths
  • Eight-Teen Settings
  • Thirty-Three Subjects
  • Five Golden Masterpieces
  • One Key To Ovena

While your piece will truly standout whatever trait is assigned, be sure to check if you’ve minted any of the five Golden Masterpieces in our collection. You will be gifted a secret prize along with benefits through future generations. 

Ovena Labs Animated Preview

Additionally during the public mint, there will be one Key to Ovena distributed to a lucky holder. This key holds exclusive perks during roadmap activations.

Labs Roadmap

Our activation map will be followed strictly and our team will provide communication daily as status updates.

Ovena Concept Preview

Phase One ✅

Website, DAO and Discord features for holders become available.
$OVENA test-net yield has been deployed.

Holographic Ovena Concept Preview

Phase Two

Holographic artwork generated prior to public
sale will be airdropped to random holders.

Ovena Concept Preview

Phase Three

Deposit 10% of royalties from secondary sales
to buy back and burn the floor on OpenSea.

Ovena Concept Preview

Phase Four

Random Ovena Labs & $OVENA
airdrops to select holders.

Ovena Concepts Preview

Phase Five

$OVENA token utility expansion within our ecosystem.
Collaboration with other projects.

Ovena Concepts Preview

Phase Six

Next generation begins, allow holders to burn
$OVENA tokens in exchange for Gen-Two pieces.


A community of artists, driven to re-enforce expression within every form of art.

Our Team

A team of talents artists, designers, developers, and markets. Collaboration is our specialty.
Ovena Concept Preview


Lead Dev & Design

Ovena Concepts Preview


Design Lead

Ovena Concepts Preview


Community Lead

Ovena Concept Preview


Marketing Lead


Most frequent questions and answers

Our Generation utility. Holders will be able to submit their LABS into the “Story Generator” available within our already deployed holder dashboard. Upon submission, holders are able to burn a TBD amount of $OVENA token (earned from holding the LAB) in exchange for the next generation Ovena Lab. The new LAB produced from the “Story Generator” will follow the origins from the previous generations artwork. There is no burning of LABS involved, so our supply continuously grows whenever the DAO votes to begin the next generation. The storyline will continue until its voted to end the story.

Having only 150 pieces in our collection means that at most we will have around 100 to 150 holders at a time (until story generation begins). Being such a small community, it allows us to deliver more benefits to our holders in a more efficient, realistic method. Everybody that owns an Ovena Lab will gain value from their tokens, and won’t have to worry about splitting their royalties between 10k other holders. Essentially, we are able to drive value behind each and every token because the supply isn’t massive.

Visit the menu at the top of our website, click on Dashboard. This will redirect you to our WEB2 dashboard. Clicking any of the tools available will lead you to our WEB3 dashboard. Here you are able to connect your wallet, and view all of the exclusive tools available to our community. Keep in mind, some of the tools may be restricted only to holders of an Ovena Lab.

$OVENA Token is the main currency used within the Ovena ecosystem. You earn $OVENA simply by holding any NFT from an Ovena collection. You can view your $OVENA balance in the holder dashboard. Holders will be able to burn their $OVENA token in exchange for design altering actions to be performed, such as the SMOOTH, UPSCALE, and GENERATION utility. Currently, you can interact with the Discord Casino to earn $OVES token. The conversion rate for $OVES is 1000 $OVES = 1 $OVENA. We have plans of implementing a staking feature for increased benefits, and we will communicate clearly before this is implemented.